Contact and Visitor Information

We open our doors one hour before the beginning of performances.

The parking spaces in front of the house are part of a paid parking area called Südalinn. It's possible to park in a free parking lot behind the house during performances. The entrance to the free parking is in Kentmanni street. The parking lot opens an hour before the beginning of performances.

In front of the building, there are two disabled parking spaces. You can reach the front door via a ramp. A platform lift takes you up the foyer stairs and to the halls on the second floor. The disabled toilet is located on the first floor, to the right when looking from the main entrance.

SA Sakala Teatrimaja 90000618
Sakala 3, 10141 Tallinn
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Siim Rõõmussaarboard
Egle Ehtjencoordinating
Raido Linkmannsound and video technician / equipment
Priidu Adlaslight technician / light equipment
Rene Liivojastage